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(Bat-Tzion) is a synagogue, an assembly of Jews and Gentiles who believe in Messiah Yeshua of NatzaretFind out exactly in Biblical details just
What and Who the Bible says is
Yeshua - ( Salvation )
and how this is at most times different from what the rest of most the World says is He.
, the one who was nailed to the tree and rose from the dead, proving that He is the Son of G-d. He is the Messiah of Israel, foretold by Moshe, King David, and the Prophets. As such, we are committed to G-d, to Yeshua, and to the Torah of MosheThe Torah of Moshe, also known as the 'Law of Moses,' refers to the instructions and ordinances given by Elohim to Moshe at Mt. Sinai, the 'Books of Moses,' Genesis-Deuteronomy.

Click this link to find out about our Torah reading schedule and other things concerning the views we should have about the Torah.
as Messiah taught it. We are also committed to His People, the Jews, recognizing that all who trust in Him become part of Israel. He is the King of the Jews. Our foundation is Messiah Yeshua Himself, the Torah, the Prophets, and the Shlichim (apostles). We are building His Body together in submission to each other and to His Word.

  1. Beit HaMikdash
  2. Prayer at Wailing Wall
  3. Yeladim
  4. Immersion in Jordan River
  5. Seat of Eliyahu at Pesakh
  6. Sea of Galilee
  7. Pesakh Seder of 2017
  8. Valley of Meggido
  9. Makhol
  10. Torah Ark at Bat-Tzion

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Shabbat Observances Erev Shabbat:    Motza'ei Shabbat:   
Weekly Candle Time Shabbat: 7:41 P.M. Fri. Havdalah: 8:48 P.M. Sat.

Shabbat Information!
Sat. morning meetings:

26803 Hanna Rd,
Bldg.5, Ste. 509,
Oak Ridge North, Texas

ALL Hebrew Classes
11:00-11:45 AM
Intro to Hebrew
Hebrew Prayer
Advanced Hebrew

Morning Classes
11:45-12:30 PM
Torah Class - Mens'
Torah Class - Womens'
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class
Messianic 101 or 201

Mid-Day Break
12:30-1:00 PM

Worship Service
1:00-3:00 PM
Torah Service
Aaronic Blessing

D'varim 11:26-12:28
(Hebrew Text)



Brit Khadashah:
Yokhanan Alef 2:18-25
(Hebrew Text)
Yokhanan Alef 4:1-6
(Hebrew Text)
Yokhanan 16:1-17:26
(Hebrew Text)

Torah Study
Each Thu. 7:00PM

CBT Rm: Mt Sinai

Current Topic:
Ruakh Yahuah

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