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This page has been created to contain those documents that may be used in
more than one place but only need one source. If document file references or
inclusions are found on any of the wiki pages, they should also be found here
and referenced from here. This allows for the prompt update of these files
without the need to worry about outdated copies.

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Documents Available for Download

DOCUMENT: Reckoning_Pesakh.pdf    Downloaded 37 Times   
DESCRIPTION: How we determine our Feast Days and the Khodesh
DOCUMENT: You_Shall_Call_His_Name_Yeshua.pdf    Downloaded 31 Times   
DESCRIPTION: The reasons and power behind The Name of Yeshua
DOCUMENT: The_Name.pdf    Downloaded 40 Times   
DESCRIPTION: Why we use and how we pronounce hvhy
DOCUMENT: The_Two_Houses_Theory_and_the_Scriptures.pdf    Downloaded 20 Times   
DESCRIPTION: Detailed analysis of the Two House error
DOCUMENT: Yayin.pdf (Wine)    Downloaded 13 Times   
DESCRIPTION: Wine from the Biblical perspective
DOCUMENT: Divorce.pdf    Downloaded 22 Times   
DESCRIPTION: Biblical relationship disconnects
DOCUMENT: You_Foolish_Galatians.pdf    Downloaded 44 Times   
DESCRIPTION: Detailed study of the book of Galatians
DOCUMENT: These_Things_You_Should_Have_Done.pdf    Downloaded 21 Times   
DESCRIPTION: New Book about keeping the things of Elohim pure
DOCUMENT: Seder_Tickets_Order_Form_2017.pdf    Downloaded 10 Times   
DESCRIPTION: Pesakh Seder Tickets 2017 Order Form

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