Blessing For Tevilah / Immersion

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יהוה, אֱלֹהֵינוּ, מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם, אֲשֶׁר קִדּשָׁנוּ בְּמִצְו‍ֹתָיו, וְצִוָנוּ עָל טְבִלָה, בְּשׁם יהוה ישׁוּעָ המָשִׁיחַ

Alt text

“Barukh Atah, יהוה , Eloheinu, Melekh HaOlam, asher kid’shanu
“Blessed you are, יהוה , Our G-d, King of The Universe, who has set us apart

B’mitzvotav, v’tzivanu, al Tevilah,
In His commandments, and commanded us, concerning immersion

B’Shem יהוה Yeshua HaMashiakh.”
In the Name of The Messiah.”

And those men among them who readily accepted his word and trusted were immersed, and about three thousand souls were added in that day. – Ma’asei HaShlikhim [Acts] 2:41

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