The calendar is “Gregorian based,” but also reflects Biblical days.  Biblical days start at night, so the ‘khodesh’ (renewed crescent of the moon) begins in the evening (Erev) of the Gregorian day on which it is posted.  “High Days” are listed on the day they start [at night, because there is most always an in-home blessing to set apart that ‘day’], AND the event of the ‘assembly’ on the day and at the time the assembly actually occurs.

Season of Teshuvah

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Aug 28, 2022 Oct 7, 2022

The Season of Teshuvah begins at Sundown Sunday, Aug 28th for 40 days through Yom HaKippurim. Traditional daily prayers for the season of Teshuvah include Dani’el 9:4-19 and Tehillah (Psalm) 27. Reference the Teshuvah page linked here for the daily prayers.

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